Mobile Web Tool for Excavators in Delaware Helps Plan for Subsurface Chemical Hazards

A mobile web tool helping excavators learn of chemicals of concern at a future excavation location.

A mobile web tool helping contractors and engineers learn of chemicals of concern at a future excavation location.

Terradex is testing a mobile web tool to assist excavators and engineers working near spill sites. Now under testing by several utility companies, the web tool permits an excavator to learn chemical information at cleanup sites in Delaware.

The tool addresses a common need in the field:  “How in advance of an excavation, can we learn of chemicals of concern, an thereby bring appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to the job site?”

This DigClean mobile and desktop web tool differentiates chemicals of concern, and provides links to NIOSH and ASTDR to highlight chemical-specific health and safety information. As the application can be used in the field, even emergency excavations can be informed of chemical information or the presence of institutional or engineering controls.

A short demonstration as a webcast follows. The web application can be requested by email.

Please send an  email if you would like to test and or apply this web application.

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